Meet Cherie B.

Why hello and thanks for stopping by to take a snapshot of my work of art. 

Cherie Boyd is a graduate of Gwinnett Technical College, (GTC Photography Degree program). At GTC, technicality is a huge facet including creativity which actually go hand-in-hand to produce an amazing yet quality image. Her strong passion for clean lines, simplicity and vibrate colors allure her to the most captivating places and people. It is reasons like this she loves being a photographer!  Art is very subjective therefore she doesn't believe in the cookie cutter effect. Instead, Instead this amazing photographer believes we all need to let our imaginations soar!

Cherie specialty is portraiture with a focus on shooting in a variety of settings using natural light and/or studio. Her goal is to capture portraits and life's milestone moments right before your eyes. Her love for taking the unexpected portraits such as photojournalism, sports, adaptive sports, events and more! 

At cheriebphotography we cherish the opportunity to capture such amazing unspoken images that leave you wanting more~

Cherie B Photography provides professional photography services based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Call for a consultation at 404.590.8767 or email us at

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